Waiting to sail your worries away

I watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a lot when I was young. It was already ancient (compared to me at least) when I was young, but my uncle put in on a VHS-tape for me along with a musical Disney film that was certainly less awesome (it didn’t have a flying car, which I thought was a neat idea). I was happy to find out that one of my favourite authors – Roald Dahl – worked on the script. I didn’t know that back then, of course.

I haven’t really listened to the songs since I last watched the film. Since, I’ve doubled in size and age if I’m correct. But hearing Richard Hawley and Lisa Hannigan cover the lovely Hushabye Mountain, brings back fond memories of the film (that probably hasn’t aged well, special effects-wise).

Normally, I’m not Hawley’s biggest fan. His music and voice just never hit the right spot here. I’m not sure why. But this is excellent and I think Hawley’s on even better form than Hannigan here (whose name made me watch the video in the first place). It’s an excellent performance from the Irish show Other Voices. Lovely.


‪In Session: To Kill A King – “Graduates Escape” (The Crypt Sessions‬‏)

I first saw a band named Kid iD in 2008 in Folkestone, supporting my favourite band. I bought their CD because I really liked them (the CD was called That Dreaded Monster What If, which I liked as a title). After another EP the band dropped their band name, some instruments and decided to aim bigger. This strategy seems to work as To Kill A King have stepped up to the task with awesome, folk-tingled songs with great, deep vocals and harmonies. This session video proves how far they’ve come from being “just a nice band” to a band to be genuinely excited about. This is a song I had never heard before called Graduates Escape. Enjoy. And repeat.

@TheNextWeb: Why unfollowing is a good thing on Twitter

So, my latest blog for TheNextWeb.com has just gone online:

You are not your Twitter timeline. That much is obvious. Your Twitter experience is created by people you follow. If you’re on Twitter to grow, to become a better professional player in your field, then read along. Because it’s time to reconsider who you’re following and why. Why now? Why NOT now?

Read the rest:

Why unfollowing is a good thing and why you should make lists on Twitter >>

‪Laura Marling sings about Sophia‬‏

I quite enjoyed the first album of Laura Marling (Alas I Cannot Swim) and her live set supporting Elbow (I think?) in Groningen was amazing. Her second album (I Speak Because I Can) failed to make a big impact on me, though I enjoyed some of the songs. I was surprised when I heard that her next album was already ready for release. Here’s the new single from that new album, called Sophia. Don’t be surprised if you hear drums…‪

Laura Marling – Sophia‬‏ – YouTube.

New domain, new start

I’ve had this domain for the past year or so… So far it linked to THIS Flavors.me-page, which provided a nice stylish overview of my web activities. I’ve also been blogging in English the past years. Those blogs were about my life and my attempts to write songs on my guitar. While I haven’t given up on the rock ‘n roll dream the “Nobody Knows Stefan”-identity of my blog didn’t really suit the blogs anymore. I mainly blogged about my articles for other websites and life as a young tech journalist… There’s nothing “Nobody Knows” about that. Thus, this new blog.

Of course, I can promise that I will write every day, or even every week… I won’t though, so I won’t promise it. I’ve got a pretty busy schedule with a full-time job, PLUS writing articles every week for several blogs. I will, however, link to the articles I write elsewhere (the English ones, at least) and post videos, music and links I like. Currently, I’m mainly writing about technology, so expect some opinions about that here as well. In addition, I hope to write longer updates once a month or so. So feel free to look forward to that.

Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail via the Contact Page. I am always interested in your opinions. If you want me to write something for you. Get in touch too. I would love to hear from you!