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2013-05-26 14.10.39-2Stefan Meeuws (MA) is Dutch. He is a digital strategy advisor, a community manager, a writer and a lover of all things tech and culture.

Stefan was born, way too early, in 1986. After learning to think for himself, he got a MA degree at University and a job as the digital guy at a content marketing agency in The Netherlands. He previously edited various computer magazines.

Stefan likes to write for both online and offline publications. Another thing Stefan likes is playing the guitar and writing songs to play on this guitar. But, back to the writing: Stefan writes in Dutch and English. In fact, he does both to make a living. He believes that there’s no such thing as writing too much, although he also believes that less is more.

Besides this little blurb, Stefan has written articles for several media outlets, all of them real! There’s a list below that may or may not impress you. These days he’s more into strategic documents outlining the possibilities of digital media for companies.

On a not so unrelated note, he is the webmaster of a Turin Brakes fansite since 2003. He likes their music and will not stop talking about them until you say you like it too. Better listen to it then.

Written in English for:

– The Next Web (2011-2012)
– TurinBrakes.nl (2003-now)
various intranets and this blog.

Editor (Dutch) for:
– Various intranets and media including T-Mobile intranet (2011-now)
– iCreate (Editor) (2011)
– CHIP (Editor) (2010-2011)
–  De Uitvreter (Editor in Chief) (2006-2009)
– ANS (Copy Editor) (2009-2010)

Written in Dutch for:
Incognitief (2014-now)
– Stofwolk (2011-2012)
– Algemeen Nijmeegs Studentenblad (online & offline) (2007-2009)
– Jeugduitrekselbank (Biblion) (2008-2011)
– iCreate (as Editor) (2011)
– CHIP (as Editor) (2010-2011)
and my Dutch blog.

Other digital activities:
– Webmaster Ether Site (2003-now)
– Administrator forums.turinbrakes.com (2008-2014)
– Administrator forums.kingsofconvenience.com (2006-2010)
– Moderator forums.turinbrakes.com (2005-2008)
– Webdesigner (2003-now)

English-language media about Stefan Meeuws and his work:

What a nice guy! A very nice guy!
English Breakfast Radio (Amsterdam).

We all think your a real dude (…)
Olly Knights, zanger van Turin Brakes (Mercury prize nominated band)

(…) The wond’rous Stefan
Fionn Regan (Mercury prize nominated singer/songwriter)

Stefan, I’m on my way with the piano now…..
Phil Collins (legendarische drummer en zanger) (17 oktober 2004)

updates so fast it puts even the band to shame!
@turinbrakes about Ether Site.

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