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So I spent a lovely, lovely weekend in Groningen these last days. Besides catching up with friends I also experienced a lovely evening full of music. First, my good friend Mischa opened the night with Patrick, who then went on to perform with Harry Bird as Harry Bird & The Rubber Wellies.

A nice guy with a lovely stage presence full of warmth and beaming smiles, Harry Bird played a set full of folk songs that were catchier that made a lot of faces smile that evening – including mine. Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies released their full-length Long Way To Be Free¬†which is available here¬†(a new album is in the works, apparently). Here’s one song with a lovely stop-motion video, called Ain’t got far to go.

And here’s a live performance where you can get a glimpse of the stage presence I was talking about. And the song is darn catchy too!

So hope you like his work. I do.

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