2016 so far

  • I’ve started a 4-day-workweek in an attempt to do more personal projects. Fulltime employment is sooo 2015. It feels liberating to have more time available that you can decide what to do with. But also: OPTIONS OPTIONS OPTIONS!
  • Turin Brakes have released an excellent new album. It is called Lost PropertyRead my thoughts about it here. This weekend I’ll see them live in London. I am excited.
  • I also properly discovered music by Tom Speight, his EP Little Love is definitely worth checking out.
  • No real winter here in The Netherlands, apart from the last few days it’s been mostly mild and wet. Rainy and windy is not a good combination I find.
  • Lots of sitting in trains for work these past weeks, using mobile hotspot to get things done. I like 4G, but I don’t like the speed of my data once I reach the monthly limit.
  • iPhone 6S: pretty sweet, fast, awesome. Not using 3D Touch etc a lot yet. Also the Plus doesn’t seem that much bigger anymore.
  • Hope everybody’s happy with their Myspace Profile Design choices. Time owns the social network site now.
  • I’ve been trying to get into Snapchat, but not a big user yet.
  • Also trying to up my languages game. So far investing in my French skills. Not disappointed with the things I remember from secondary school.
  • This RollingStone article on the CD is pretty good. Even I’m kind of mean to the CD as a medium. I will almost always pick a LP over a CD these days when given the choice. Maybe we need to work on presenting CDs in a nicer way? Like better casing etc?
  • Read Slade House by David Mitchel and Looking For Alaska. Now I’m reading Les Particules élémentaires but I can’t say I’m enjoying it so far.
  • Best tweet ever?

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