Some things about Stefan

So here are some things you may or may not know yet about Stefan:

  • He’s from The Netherlands and started his first blog in Dutch in 2005. It is still going strong (they say) at
  • Stefan once got a Dutch national tv channel to broadcast the same film (127 Hours) twice in 48 hours because they removed a key scene and he complained about it with an open letter on his blog. Read the full story here.
  • Stefan is a big fan of the London-based acoustic duo Turin Brakes. He started a fansite about them in 2003 and it is still online these days and updated almost every day!
  • Stefan plays the guitar and the ukulele. He also plays other instruments but not as succesfully.
  • His biggest unrealistic dream is to make a socially-engaged action flick about a computer nerd who’s data and girlfriend (in that order) are stolen. Stefan will play the bad guy. There is a script for the film and plans for two sequels. We still need funding.
  • Stefan became best friends with his rabbit Ko (last name Nijn) when he got Ko for his 11th birthday. Ko was 10 years old when he died of natural causes, having lived a peaceful life in the Dutch countryside. Stefan likes to think Ko was one happy bunny and has yet to see proof that says otherwise.
  • Stefan does watch football occasionally. His favourite team is Ajax (Amsterdam) and he is happy they won the Eredivisie in 2011, 2012, 2013 AND 2014. He hopes that Arsenal will at some point achieve the same feat in the Premier League. He’s worried that it might be a while before that happens.
  • He’s only 29 and has already invented several TV channels, blockbuster films, a complete music industry concept for children (mind you, this was before Pop Idol) and several world-shattering TV series… Unfortunately none of them real. His imagination is rather vivid… Wait what was I talking about?
  • He likes dancing but his style has been criticized in the past by more conventional dancers.
  • He once accidentally stole a cauliflower from a supermarket.
  • He works at creative agency right now, but used to work at a publisher that published magazines. In print! yes! Even though he’s now a digital advisor person and community manager. That is SO weird. It’s like he knows everything, and also nothing.
  • He’s on Team ‘Cold’
  • But he likes to work with the windows open. Or outside. Or just be outside and not work.
  • Phil Collins once promised him to play a concert in his garden. But he might have been joking. Or maybe Stefan was out when he showed up.
  • He gives and gives and gives… And you? What do you do??? You come to his house, you eat his food, you insult his dancing….
  • He loves London, but doesn’t live there… yet?

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