On a clear day…

A great track in Breaking Bad last night. Enjoyed this a lot. Might have missed a lot of pop being born in the second half of the eighties, but there’s nice drama series like Breaking Bad to get me up to speed, eh :).

Check it on Spotify, or watch this YouTube thing below:

Here’s my weather of a killing kind

This June sees the release of the eagerly awaited (by me at least) album of the Tallest Man On Earth. The one time I saw him live easily takes the top spot in my fictional best solo gigs ever chart. Here’s a song he recorded for the Adult Swim Singles Program 2011. And if after watching this, you don’t know what I mean by ‘eagerly awaited’. Well… Then I guess true beauty is lost on you.


If you’re craving something more than whats been given to you

Pete Lawrie mostly made an impact on me with his low-key, emotional songs. His debut (A Little Brighter) had a bit too much strings to resonate and made an impact. This however, is a totally different beast. It’s called Taste of Silver. And I like what it’s doing to my subwoofer.