About week 1651: Utrecht, Russian Doll and things you can’t do yourself

Well. That’s just great. I completely forgot about my week notes last weekend. And do you know why? Well… I don’t. I really don’t. I stayed in Utrecht from last Sunday night, which perhaps robbed me of my usual surroundings of writing my week notes and of the train journey in which I can catch up writing the week notes if I don’t finish them on Sunday night. But yes, those are all excuses if I said I didn’t get round to writing them. But truth be told: I just forgot about them. Sorry. And then to make matters worse, I’m very late with the notes this week, and without much input for them. So yea. Sorry again.


So yes. Utrecht. It’s a nice city, you know. But on the other hand it might be having growing pains. Leaving aside the nice people living there which always make me feel very welcome, I sometimes feel like Utrecht is trying to be Amsterdam, but just isn’t. And I feel like that’s a good thing, because I don’t like Amsterdam as a concept really. It’s just too touristy and too big for me. It’s a nice city to visit every now and then, and then it’s very nice to go home. The same goes for Utrecht, except I can tolerate Utrecht for much longer than Amsterdam. It’s nice to come home again too, however. Which is where I am now.

Things I recommend that you can’t actually do yourself

  • Escape with my friends from a great escape room near The Hague. I mean, I could recommend the escape room, but you still wouldn’t have the same experience. Because with my friends, it’s gonna be a lot of discussion, a lot of overlooking things and in the end nearly but not quite making it. But that’s okay. Because it was fun. And they’re my friends.
  • Watching your gf’s cousin play jazz in TivoliVredenburg. I mean, you could have been there, but it wouldn’t be your girlfriend’s cousin. Because, well I don’t have to explain that to you.

And since I should recommend something … Russian Doll

By now, hopefully you’ve already watched this Netflix-series, because it’s short and very good. It’s so good that I hope there won’t be another season: it would work perfectly well as a standalone show a couple of 30-minute-episodes. It’s a mystery, a comedy and a sometimes almost a thriller. The acting is very good, the story is nice and quickly picks up from what seems to be a not very original beginning. If you don’t know any more about the show than what I’ve just cryptically described you, I recommend you stop reading this now, and just jump in.
Now go.

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