About week 1649: first days of Spring arrive

What a glorious weather this weekend. I know, I know, it’s only February and as my parents say: “Back when your sister was born late March, it was snowing”, but I happily take this weather to be the first days of Spring. We might pay for it with another cold streak later, but for now I’ll take it.

Work in progress

Work continues on future endeavours and projects. I’m getting ready to launch a new web project in March and I’m starting with some web consulting on the side. I only work 4 days right now, so I’m using the 5th day to do awesome things. I know, sometimes I’ll just catch up on the Netflix and play Switch games with friends, but these past few weeks I’ve steadily worked towards The New Thing. These week notes have actually helped me getting a bit more into a writing habit. Not as much as I like to be writing just yet, but it’s a start. I’ll tell you more in the upcoming weeks.

Velvet Buzzsaw

This was a weird movie, which me and the GF watched this weekend. Velvet Buzzsaw stars a pretty good cast (including a nice role by Fresh Meat’s Vod (Zawe Ashton) who I couldn’t place at first but that’s probably because she plays a totally different character), and has some potential in the story department too. Without spoiling too much, the movie plays out a supposedly funny yet scary supernatural horror type thing, set in the pretentious art world of Los Angeles. However, it’s more boring than funny, and the horror mostly comes from a few (pretty effective, I’ll admit) jump scares and a score with high-pitched noises. So what could have been fascinating ends up being a pretty wordy movie with nothing interesting to say. I mean, if I try I could probably cook up something about how people obsessed by the monetary value of art forget the meaning of art itself. But that would be projecting something on a movie that is simply too superficial to say that. As a parody of the art world, it’s alright. As a horror movie, it’s disappointing. And when you combine those two things, well… It doesn’t get a rave review from me…

“Northern lights filled our skies”

The song Northern Lights from the latest Death Cab For Cutie album was on the road trip playlist when we went to America last September. The album, Thank You For Today, I enjoyed in the week it was released but I’ve only listened to a couple of songs after that. So I wouldn’t say it has been on high-rotation at all. However, this week an acoustic version of Northern Lights arrived, and it’s rather good. The result has me going back to the Thank You For Today album too, so I guess it does what a single is supposed to do… This I do recommend. Listen here on Spotify.

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